Corby Of Windsor

Corby Of Windsor

This was a project for Corby Of Windsor,

This from their bio :

“Corby of Windsor has been servicing the world’s premium hotels for over 80 years and been providing over 200 quality products for the hotel and hospitality industry. We are proud of Corby’s long and extraordinary history which started off with a non-electrical trouser press that was first invented by John Corby on 1929 in a room above a garage in Windsor. This iconic brand of Britain was created as John Corby Limited, England in 1930 as a manufacturer of valet stands. The press was later improved with additional pressing area and the first Corby trouser press was launched.”

The idea of this film was to give potential partners a behind the scenes look of the business and explain the benefits of using Corby for hospitality amenities.

Equipment used:
Sony A7s
Canon 5D Mark III
DJI Phantom Drone
Zoom Audio Recorder
Crane Jib

Software Used:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Audition

Music Licensed from: Audio Jungle

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